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Villa Zane

Strada del Pegorile 4/6

31100 Treviso (TV)

T. +39 0422 918166

F. +39 0422 1783785

E. info@villazane.it








Activité (in English)

Visit the cities of art, exhibitions and museums, shows, sports, nature, relaxation and shopping. There are numerous activities that can be practiced throughout the area surrounding Villa Zane: from historical tours to great food and wine, from the SPA to the outlet, from golf to tennis, from go karts to cycling, from rafting to paragliding ...



It is a real thrill! From the Grand Canal of Venice to the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza or the Arena di Verona: museums, palaces, churches and historical monuments ... places of great artistic and cultural traditions. A must see.

 VENICE | 37 Km from Villa Zane

It is very simple and convenient to go to Venice from Treviso. Trains depart every 20-30 minutes you will be in Venice in 25 minutes!

 ASOLO | 35 Km from Villa Zane

The "city of a hundred horizons" is one of the most charming and picturesque village of Italy. There are several exhibitions and shows organized throughout the year.

 PADUA | 62 Km from Villa Zane

If you do not have a car, the bus from Treviso to Padua starts every 30 minutes.

 VICENZA | 92 Km from Villa Zane

In an hour's drive you are in the city of Andrea Palladio. Villa Capra Almerico "La Rotonda": a must see!


Take a bike ride, admire the architecture of a Palladian villa, stop to drink a glass of wine in the vineyards or to visit a winery ... Make your own itinerary, you'll be spoiled for choice!


The wine roads! Visit the most famous wineries and those that are still unknown, through the charming old towns of the Province of Treviso.


Routes of the "Great War" (1915-1918): the trenches, roads carved into the rock and museums. From Monte Grappa to Vittorio Veneto, the place of the final battle!


Roman roads, churches, castles, walled cities, the Palladian villas, sculptures by Canova and modern architecture of Scarpa.


Cycling: lots of trails for all levels. The "ring Montello Cycling " offers routes and with different difficulty and mileage.


Factories, shops and above all outlets: the largest in Noventa di Piave can be reached in 30 minutes.


During your stay, take the time to regenerate body and spirit in one of the Spa & Wellness center near Villa Zane.


Via Treviso 61/10, Silea (TV)

Tel. +39 0422 1725979 - www.massaggitreviso.com

 BOBADILLA CLUB | 2 Km from Villa Zane

Via Antonio dal Legname 4, Treviso (TV)

Tel.+39 0422 308802 - www.bobadillatv.it



One of the most popular activities in the surroundings of Villa Zane is the Golf. There are ten golf areas inside the Province of Treviso: the nearest can be reached in about twenty minutes.

 ASOLO GOLF CLUB | 37 Km from Villa Zane

Via dei Borghi 1, Cavaso del Tomba (TV)

Tel. +39 0423 942211 - www.asologolf.it

 GOLF CLUB VILLA CONDULMER | 19 Km from Villa Zane

Via Croce 3, Zerman di Mogliano Veneto (TV)

Tel.+39 041 457062 - www.golfvillacondulmer.com

  GOLF CLUB CA' AMATA | 26 Km from Villa Zane

Via Loreggia Postioma 44, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Tel. +39 0423 493537 - www.golfcaamata.it

  GOLF CLUB MONTEBELLUNA | 22 Km from Villa Zane

Via Carpen 24, Montebelluna (TV)

Tel. +39 0423 601169 - www.montebellunagolfclub.it


Indoor and Outdoor, clay courts, synthetic and cement. Private lessons for adults and children, workshops and seminars.


Viale Felissent 52, Treviso (TV)

Tel. +39 0422 303920 - www.euro-sporting.it

 OPEN PARK TENNIS | 5 Km from Villa Zane

Via F.lli Rosselli 30, Fontane di Villorba (TV)

Tel. +39 0422 919354 - www.parktennisvillorba.it

 ASD TENNIS TREVISO | 6 Km from Villa Zane

Via Feltrina 111, Treviso (TV)

Tel.+39 0422 230626 - www.tennistreviso.com


Discovering wonderful places like the Sile, the lagoon of Venice and the islands of the Dalmatian coast, trails for beginners and experts

 OZONE KAYAK | 11 Km from Villa Zane

Via Noalese 46, Quinto di Treviso (TV)

Tel. +39 0422 470376 - www.ozonekayak.it

 TRAVEL SPORT | 14 Km from Villa Zane

Via Torre 70, Casale sul Sile (TV)

Tel.+39 0422 788846 - www.travelsport.org




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